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A Bold Vision For An Inclusive And Equitable Healthcare For All.

We believe that patients should be receiving the highest quality of care across Sub-Saharan Africa. We think localisation of manufacturing of medical technologies is a bigger part of the solution to creating high quality, affordable, accessible, and inclusive healthcare for all in Africa and other emerging economies across the globe.


With the manufacturing capability, our goal is to strengthen health systems and empower clinicians and surgeons to transform how healthcare is delivered and how surgery is performed in Africa. 


Innovation that makes a difference. 

We are borne of the desire to work to strengthen health systems across Africa by providing life-changing innovation and market-appropriate solutions. 

Our Focus Areas

Afrimed is committed to its core principles, which inform and guide the vision we have for a more inclusive, affordable, and accessible healthcare for all across Africa.

Medicines & Treatment Delivery Systems

We manufacture injection and infusion therapy devices that help clinicians consistently perform at their very best. Even the most routine parts of healthcare rely on products that meet exacting standards and ensure safety and comfort for everyone – which is why every device we make is designed to deliver reliable day-to-day care.

Laparoscopic Surgery Devices

Both our technology and approach are different. We want to enable surgeons to deliver what’s best for their patients. We partner, rather than sell so that patients, surgical teams and hospitals benefit from the value that Afrimed brings.

Advanced Electro-Surgery Devices 

Designed and developed to ease of standardization for surgeons, staff, OR Directors and economic decision makers. We have listened to our customers to develop meaningful solutions that provide improved performance, enhanced patient outcomes and a healthier bottom line for the hospital.



Our approach to innovation.

Having not set out to build a product. Instead, we've set out to transform healthcare and surgery for millions of people. With a passion to solve unmet needs, we redefine what’s possible in medical technology and how patients experience healthcare in Africa.

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