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Building capabilities that transform healthcare in Africa.

We did not set out develop just products. We set out to transform healthcare and surgery for millions of people in Africa by delivering the innovation that makes a difference.

What we stand for:

Our Values

The scale of the mission is significant. We have a laser focus; but have retained our open, friendly, and collaborative approach. Our values underpin the way in which we operate and are integral to our success.


People Focused

We care about our patients, customers and colleagues. We respect and value each other’s opinions and are an inclusive workplace. 


The wellbeing of patients is our highest priority. 


We embrace diversity. Our differences are a valuable asset. 


We are committed to the growth and development of individuals.



We strive to be self-aware. We take nothing for granted, admit mistakes and seek to understand and improve. 


We listen to all voices: our customers, and our colleagues.  


We recognise and respect our competition.  


We always respond positively to challenge.



Ambitious and Audacious  

To serve patients and transform healthcare, we must be a successful, growing, global, medical devices company. 


We dream big and work hard to achieve our mission. 


We challenge the status quo of the medical device industry. 



Fair and Responsible

We have a duty of care to our patients, customers and colleagues. We are honest and behave in an ethical and transparent manner. 


We act with integrity and take seriously our responsibility as a medical devices company. 


We will take difficult decisions and communicate the reasons clearly. They will always be in the best interest of patients.


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