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Intuitive Diabetes Management Software  


Discover ixamba®
Intuitive Diabetes Management 

IXAMBA® Intuitive Diabetes Management system is built to make diabetes management seamless, built to take away the worry to constantly monitor your glucose levels. 


The word “Ixamba” is translated from the language isiXhosa, and means a unit of measure.

In most parts of Africa, more dominantly in the Southern Africa region,  the cause of diabetes was, and still is by a large population, believed to be excessive consumption of sugar or food that contains sugar. In fact, the term glucose translates to “iswekile” or sugar. A diabetic person would then be said to have “iswekile”, which later became “ixamba” to say that the person has excessive glucose. 


Ixamba, therefore, is a very common term for diabetes in South Africa, and a number of other Southern African countries.

Real-time Glucose Information

Current glucose reading
Text-to-speech option, when enabled
Trend arrows
Indicates how glucose is changing
Glucose history
Up to the last 8 hours
Add note

Track food, insulin use, exercise, 

and other events

Real-time glucose 


Mandatory urgent low glucose 

alarm fixed at 55mg/dL.

High and low glucose alarms that

can be set by user or clinician.

Signal loss alarm to notify when

glucose alarms are not available 

or incase your AFD device is 

disconnected accidentally.


Trends and Patterns

Easy access to glucose insights

Ambulatory glucose profile

Share reports with others

Data stored for up to 120 days

Scan and Share.


Every scan is automatically uploaded and stored on the cloud server when sharing is enabled. This data information can be shared with your medical or healthcare provider to monitor your progress.

Step 1:

Download the Ixamba® Intuitive Diabetes Management App



Step 2: 

Register on the app



Step 3: 

Scan the sensor



Step 4: 

Share readings and alarms

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