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Afrimed Surgical Products

Medicines & Treatment Delivery Systems

Afrimed designs injection and infusion therapy devices that allow clinicians to deliver the very best day-to-day care to their patients in both the human and animal health markets. With our innovative hypodermic needles, IV catheters, winged needle sets and more, we’re putting high quality into even the most routine parts of healthcare. 


Laparascopic Surgery Devices & Instruments

Each device offered by Afrimed is designed to help clinicians deliver the very best care to their patients. In an industry already known for its high quality standards, we take the extra steps to ensure that our products provide con­fidence and consistency to the people that use them every day.


We are developing an extensive array of electrosurgical hand-pieces and accessories, including pencils, specialty electrodes, return electrodes, suction coagulators, forceps, cords, and adapters designed for optimal performance in an integrated, state-of-the-art electrosurgery system.

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